Magento Imagine 2013: Responsive Design Panel

Magento Imagine 2013: Responsive Design Panel

In the panel I focused on responsive design’s value, resource allocation strategies, and the financial impact of RWD. Attached are my slides and speaking notes.

In my first of two sessions about responsive design at Magento Imagine 2013, I snapped through 64 slides in 10 minutes. Here’s your recap:

Skip to 28:45 for my segment in the video.

View my slides on Speaker Deck.

Origin of the panel

When Magento opened the call for proposals, I was keen to follow-up my responsive eCommerce talk from last year with part two. But design and technical talks have limited reach.

I wanted to engage the business audience also because they’re essential for traction in responsive projects. Bringing non-technical folks into the process is necessary for retailers to appreciate the necessity of a multi-device strategy. Back in January, I was talking with several Magento partners about responsive commerce, and the idea of a panel discussion came up.

Magento was very receptive to the idea, and it landed in the Strategic Marketing track. I’m thrilled it all came together. There was standing room only despite running into lunch time.

Where credit is due

Thanks Bob Meyer (Gorilla Group), Sarah Ward (Peter Millar), and David Barr (Lyons Consulting Group) for joining me on stage, rehearsing, and prepping dutifully for the event.

Thanks Krupa Singampalli, Pedram Yasharel, Tonya Browning, and Erin Touzour from Magento for inviting me to speak, critiquing, and keeping us all organized. Assembling the speakers and content for a thirty-minute session is no small task.


I love reading live tweets from events after the fact. You guys didn’t disappoint (ahem, Rico). I’m glad the presentation was useful and that many from the audience stayed to chat afterwards.

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