The inescapable gravity field amplifiers have drawn you in. Surely an introduction is in order. Say hello or inquire about working together, and I’ll be in touch shortly.

Starting a project

Ideas Worksheet Download

Download the Ideas Worksheet to get underway. This is a conversation starter, so focus on the big picture and include details as needed. Be thorough but concise, and send it back when you’re ready.

A carefully prepared worksheet is given equal attention from me. Please allow several days for a reply.

Thank you for considering GravDept.

Project Q&A

How much do projects cost?

Just how long is a piece of string? Well, it depends. Clients say GravDept is not cheap, but high value. That’s true. They also love what I do and recommend me whole heartedly. Double true.

When can you start?

GravDept is typically booked 3–6 months ahead at all times. Before asking about availability, plan your kickoff to factor this in.

Is completing the Ideas Worksheet required?

Yes, if you’re serious about hiring GravDept. This is how I evaluate projects and believe you’ll find the perspective worthwhile too.