Responsive eCommerce

Attached are my slides and speaking notes from my presentation on mobile first, responsive design for eCommerce at Magento Imagine 2012.

It was a pleasure to speak at Magento Imagine 2012. Thanks to everyone who listened, asked questions, and chatted afterwards. Extra thanks to Vinai Kopp for coordinating in the months beforehand.

Magento did a wonderful job recording and editing the sessions. Here’s the official session video:

And my full slides + speaking notes:

I had a blast writing and designing this presentation (see slide 48) but fitting everything into 30 minutes was a rush. The topics of mobile and responsive design keep expanding because we’re continually re-inventing them. I was still writing and cutting content in the hour before I started speaking. There simply wasn’t enough time to provide a primer and depth in the allotted schedule. My final count was 230 slides in 39 minutes, and they understandably went by too quickly for some.

Half the story is missing without speaking notes. As promised, you can download my full presentation to read through at your own pace: Responsive eCommerce.

Note: Within the conference program, my presentation was titled “Mobile Experiences: Design Once, Sell Everywhere”. Out of context I think “Responsive eCommerce” is a more accurate headline, so I’ve renamed it for antiquity.


Judging by Twitter, it went over pretty well.

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