Selected projects & clients

GravDept’s clients value ideas and results. I deliver insightful strategy, remarkable design, and usable technology. The more you grow, the closer we become. That’s gravity.

  1. CE PWA

    A technical revolution extending Watsco’s eCommerce dominance in the HVAC/R space: Magento 2 migration, 10 websites consolidated to 1 multi-region instance, and a fully headless PWA frontend. GravDept worked with Adobe to spec Magento’s path to PWA, and guided CE into the forefront of B2B distribution.

    Role: Strategy + Design + Code

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    CE PWA
  2. Savoir Faire A Cappella (2020)

    Savoir Faire is the original ladies-only a cappella group at Penn State University. In 2009, their website was GravDept’s first project and it’s been humming along ever since. Overdue for a visual refresh and migration to a modern CMS (Statamic) I couldn’t let 17 years of alumni down.

    Role: Design + Code

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    Savoir Faire A Cappella (2020)
  3. A2X Accounting

    A2X is the gold standard in ecommerce accounting for Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay businesses. GravDept designed and prototyped new onboarding flows to increase product adoption. The core product’s UI was refactored based on this design work and a lightweight, tailored pattern library.

    Role: Design + Code

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    A2X Accounting
  4. Baker Distributing

    Baker is another business unit in Watsco’s HVAC/R empire, and the first to migrate to Magento 2. GravDept joined their team to push the frontend experience forward and set the standard for B2B Magento sites winning Watsco’s third UX award.

    Role: Strategy + Design + Code

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    Baker Distributing
  5. Threadloom

    Threadloom elevates search relevancy in forum-based communities, and deliver the best conversations to customers’ inboxes. GravDept helped design and prototype their core product’s search UI, bulletproof the newsletter product’s output across email clients, and built a pattern library to quickly scaffold admin workflows.

    Role: Design + Code

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  6. CE

    CE is the largest distribtor in Watsco’s HVAC/R empire, and the second business unit that GravDept led frontend design and devlopment for eCommerce. A multi-year, multi-language project brought thirteen independent channels across North America into one resonsive B2B framework.

    Role: Strategy + Design + Code + Identity

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  7. Magento

    When Magento needed responsive design expertise, they asked GravDept and Classy Llama to guide their flagship products. We collaborated on reference implementations for Magento Enterprise + Community that cut responsive development time in half for retailers.

    Role: Strategy + Design + Code

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  8. eBay Enterprise

    eBay Enterprise tapped GravDept’s leading pedigree with responsive design and eCommerce to build a next-generation Magento implementation as part of an eBay technology showcase. Project details are under NDA.

    Role: Strategy + Design + Code

    eBay Enterprise
  9. Gemaire

    Gemaire is part of Watsco’s empire of HVAC/R equipment, parts, and supplies distribution. GravDept led frontend design and development for their first eCommerce push. We produced award-winning B2B functionality in a state-of-art responsive site that became the archetype for Magento’s own B2B features.

    Role: Strategy + Design + Code + Identity

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  10. Angry Birds

    Squawk! GravDept led Rovio through a complete frontend redesign and rebuild of Angry Birds’ global shops using responsive design to meet their bird-slinging customers on any device.

    Role: Strategy + Design + Code

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    Angry Birds
  11. SGS Photography

    Stuart G. Sanft has practiced wedding, fashion, and commercial photography in the Delaware Valley for over 20 years. GravDept realigned his identity and built a fresh website with responsive design at its heart.

    Role: Strategy + Design + Code + Identity

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    SGS Photography
  12. Skinny Ties

    Skinny Ties has been in the neckwear business for 40+ years. GravDept planned and executed a comprehensive branding, design, and technical realignment that works fluidly across all devices.

    Role: Strategy + Design + Code + Identity

    Skinny Ties
  13. Envato

    Envato built the largest marketplace for digital creative products. They enlisted me to jumpstart their expansion into Magento themes in 2010. GravDept delivered Acumen: the category’s most extensible theme and still a best seller.

    Role: Design + Code

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  14. Pratima Skincare

    PRATIMA is the leader in Ayurvedic therapy with a prominent spa & clinic in Manhattan. The eCommerce project for their all-natural skincare products needed a final push. GravDept closed the gaps and directed their launch.

    Role: Strategy + Code

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    Pratima Skincare
  15. The Dancing Crab

    The Dancing Crab is a boutique seaside lifestyle retailer with several established locations on the Jersey Shore. GravDept helped open their eCommerce doors for selected goods and establish their online identity.

    Role: Strategy + Design + Code + Identity

    The Dancing Crab
  16. Savoir Faire A Cappella (2009)

    Savoir Faire is the original ladies-only a cappella group at Penn State University. GravDept built a CMS from the ground up for the girls to showcase their performances, history, and beloved members.

    Role: Strategy + Design + Code + Identity

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    Savoir Faire A Cappella (2009)

GravDept’s products are fueled by my consulting work. They distill years of experience building complex Magento frontends into accessible and customizable frameworks.

  1. Acumen

    Acumen is a powerfully flexible, grid-based Magento theme. It was designed specifically for easy customization and to fit a wide range of stores. Its minimal layout puts maximum attention on products, while keeping a clean and modern aesthetic throughout.

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    Acumen - The best supported and most extensible Magento theme in the world.
  2. MageFrontend

    MageFrontend is a future-friendly framework for building complex multi-device experiences with Magento. It's style-less and provides a semantic, logical structure that's designed for bespoke customization again and again.

    Contact for custom projects.

    MageFrontend - A professional-grade foundation for building responsive sites on Magento Enterprise.