Road To Imagine

3001 miles, 9 days, 4 friends, 1 passion, 1 goal — an epic motorcycle adventure to Magento Imagine 2016.

Motorcycle riding desert

Adventure Is Out There

Road to Imagine is four friends who met through the Magento ecosystem. We’re embarking on an epic motorcycle adventure culminating at the 2016 Magento Imagine conference.

We often say that Magento has an incredible community, but it’s hard show tangibly. Road to Imagine is real story about the Magento ecosystem’s ability to positively influence people’s lives and businesses.

The Community + Swag

We need your help to kick off the best Imagine yet. Follow along and share your journey to Vegas with us:

There’s exclusive #RoadToImagine swag waiting for you at Imagine. Use the hash tag. You want this swag.

Top Gun motorcycle

The Roads

Nevada ➔ Utah ➔ Idaho ➔ Oregon ➔ California ➔ Nevada. We’re riding a 3001 mile loop around the western US on motorcycles arriving just in time for the Pre-Imagine kickoff party.

Each morning we’ll reveal the day’s route, and invite you to meet us. We have some surprises planned along the way.

The Riders

At Magento Imagine 2015, the four of us stood by the pool chatting about our mutual love for riding motorcycles. We hatched a plan and eleven months later, here we are:

Brendan Falkowski Helmsman of Gravity Department, a web strategy/design studio. Happiness is vintage motorcycles and photo walks.
Bret Rasmussen Founder & CEO of KURU Footwear, a web-direct manufacturer of the world’s most comfortable shoes. Avid cyclist and traveler.
Kuba Zwolinksi Father, kayaker & trail runner. Founder of SNOW.DOG and organizer of Meet Magento Poland.
Steve Deckert Co-Founder of an awesome company called Sweet Tooth. Loves the outdoors, photography & comedy.

Our Backers

Our generous sponsors and collaboration with the Magento events and community teams made this trip possible. Thank you for the support!

Note: this is not an April Fool’s gag. Just good timing.

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