Acumen 1.3.3

Acumen, the top-selling Magento theme, received a major update this week. Herein lie the details.

This was a behemoth update. Hundreds of edits over the last two months contributed to 12 new features, 18 updates, and 2 bug fixes in Acumen 1.3.3. Full release info is available on the changelog.


Snippets are content areas you can update from the Magento Admin. Turn them on/off as needed with no coding, and keep Acumen simple to upgrade.

Redesigned product pages improve Acumen’s information hierarchy for more organized content: multiple product types (simple, configurable, bundled, grouped); bolder call to action; multiple share widgets; and tabs for supplemental info.

New button styles with multiple size (small, regular, large) and priority (regular, subtle) variations work in combination to highlight the desired user action. The simpler default style is easier to override and extend.

HTML5 input types make completing forms on touch-devices simpler. Modern mobile browsers will show virtual keyboards optimized for email or phone number entry.

Optimization behind the scenes continually makes Acumen faster, smaller, and more powerful. Refactoring was a major goal in this release. The front-end patterns for forms and tables were completely rewritten to improve compatibility with extensions.

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