Roadmap, 2014-05

Acumen 2, MageFrontend, and GravDept’s new platform are coming — soon.

Quick update on some GravDept projects:

Magento + RWD

Last year, I mentioned consulting for Magento. They just announced responsive themes for Enterprise and Community Edition. The project was a collaboration by — drumroll — Classy Llama and GravDept.

It’s great helping Magento bring responsive design into the core and make the frontend more accessible. But I’ve been asked what this means for Acumen.

Acumen 2

Acumen 2 is a very different bloodline than Magento’s responsive theme. Its goal is being the simplest, cleanest, and best maintained ready-to-launch theme. It prioritizes the fundamentals instead of doing everything because that converts.


MageFrontend is a responsive design system and extensible foundation for Magento Enterprise. Drawn directly from my client work, it’s a blueprint for building extremely tailored frontends with zero cruft and super-modern technology.


I loved learning Laravel while building GravDept’s new product platform, but I was moving too slow. In April, I hired a Laravel specialist to spearhead this project and it’s improved in every way.

This platform is the capstone to releasing and supporting the next generation of my products. It’s going to be a good year.

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