A Way Forward

Running a small studio is a balance of work, communication, management, self-education, networking, and a million distractions.

My normal day is wake, read Twitter/blogs, flush email, and start working. Writing, learning, and reinvention are shuffled in wherever fits (usually 1–4 AM). Taking a passive approach to self-improvement has proffered adequate new explorations through project work in the last months: responsive design techniques, Lettering.js, the Ning and Magento Go platforms, and SCSS.

Though, I want to do more.

Sampling articles from Twitter is nice, but the gap between well-read and pliable knowledge is wide and it’s a trap. Web professionals need to actively engage in new technologies and share that experience to improve.

Writing, learning, and reinvention need dedicated space and regimen. For me, that space exists before the normal day — before Twitter, before email, before work — when my mind is clearest.

The first sixty minutes of every day are reserved henceforth. This week I wrote. Next I’m putting GitHub into my workflow and making GravDept responsive. Compass, Magento module dev, and Ruby on Rails are on deck.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Steve Jobs

What a wish. That’s the plan.

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