Hello World

I’ve been crafting websites for 8 years, but never published more than a holding page for myself. The cordwainer was more than shoeless. He had never worn shoes. Today, I’m lacing up.

For personal matters, I prefer waiting till everything is perfect before showing it publicly or even among friends. Perfection probably never would have happened for GravDept. Designing for yourself is the hardest, and I’m my own worst client. This project is nearly eleven months in the making and years in conception, which is a story I’ll leave for later.

The company has been operating since Earth Day 2010 with myself at the helm. Today I’m launching Gravity Department’s website, and it’s 98% where I want it to be. It’s about time.

Work in progress

Some content isn’t designed and some sections aren’t complete. WebKit browsers get the red carpet treatment, and more polish is to come. Nothing has been tested in Internet Explorer, or even Firefox. I know some things won’t work, and I’m okay with that for now. The right (if somewhat imperfect) message is available.


Yesterday I flew into Los Angeles for the inaugural Magento Imagine conference which begins tonight. I have a new suit, new haircut, and new business cards. Now I have a new website. Hello world indeed.

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