Partnering with Magento Go

GravDept is joining forces with Magento Go through its Design Partner Program. We’re bringing professional design services to the eCommerce platform of choice for small and emerging merchants.

Update 2014–03–30

My optimism for Magento Go was shortlived, and GravDept declined every project after the first. The platform simply wasn't a good fit for any kind of frontend customization, and I focused on Magento Enterprise instead.

Meanwhile, Shopify forged ahead and built a fantastic SaaS platform. For greater control and extensibility, Acumen is a solid foundation for Magento's open-source platform.

Magento Go

Magento Go is a flexible, SaaS web application for launching an online store without the complexity of managing hosting or a large codebase.

We’re joining a first-class group of studios qualified and endorsed by Magento for customers seeking platform expertise, professional design, and strategic consulting. GravDept’s services and experience extends from startups on Magento Go to medium-sized solutions using Magento Community edition.

We’ve received about a dozen new leads in the last week and were already hired to reorient a project needing proven Magento knowledge. Get in touch if you need the same.

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