Acumen 1.3.8

Updated for Magento compatibility.

Acumen 1.3.8 for Magento Community is available now. It’s a pure compatibility release. I shelved backporting the new configurable swatches feature (for now).

Full release info is on the changelog.

Why no swatches

Magento (stupidly) split where frontend updates are applied: base/default (core updates) vs rwd/default (new features). Forcing sites to backport features across frontend packages creates fragmentation in the fallback hierarchy.

You’ll need to track/diff/merge two packages instead one by backporting. Effectively Magento skipped a fraction of work, and complicated maintenance for existing sites that want swatches. Not smart — I hope not a precedent.

Nevertheless, the option to backport exists. Swatches aren’t a priority in Acumen’s immediate roadmap so I shelved it temporarily.

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