Usable release diffs for Magento

After nine years cursing Magento’s annual copyright change, GravDept will maintain open-source diffs for developers.

Short story

Gravity Department will publish a proper diff (with copyright changes negated) until Magento 1.x is unsupported:

Magento Release Diffs on GitHub

Long story

Magento changes their copyright statement every year, which changes all files. This creates unusable diffs with +10,000 insignificant changes obscuring ~200 important changes.

Why is that?

  1. Magento’s lawyers must increment the copyright year, or Mortal Kombat threatens to consume Earth.
  2. Magento (the corporation) was renamed a lot (Varien, X.commerce, Magento).
  3. Magento won’t publish a copyright-only release every January 1.
  4. Magento won’t publish a usable diff. I don’t know why.

Consequently, every developer has to negate those changes and generate a legitate diff to understand the release’s impact. We’ve wasted thousands of hours collectively doing this.

I was there Gandalf, 3000 years ago when the strength of Men failed


The tweet is lost, but this captures the mood:

Note — Magento is Isildur. I’m Elrond.









It’s finally over (Magento 2 only)

Less than a year ago, a random pull request instantly nullified the legal obligations. Nobody knows how it happened.

I thought that was the end, but the first Magento 1 release of 2018 incremented the copyright year again. So I guess it’s just impossible.

Being a Magento developer is swallowing swords forever. You can’t have enough persistence.

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