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Gravity Department imagined, designed, and built a responsive website for Skinny Ties because shopping happens everywhere and on every device.

Skinny Ties responsive eCommerce

About GravDept

Brendan Falkowski

GravDept is the independent consultancy of Brendan Falkowski. My focus is design, frontend development, and strategy for many devices. I have a knack for Magento eCommerce and organizing complex constraints.

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  • MageFrontend


    A professional-grade foundation for mobile first, responsive design with Magento Enterprise.

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  • Acumen: Magento Theme

    Acumen: Magento theme

    The smartest, most extensible Magento theme is also a best-seller. That’s no coincidence.

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  • Field Manuals

    Gravity Department: Field Manuals

    GravDept’s principles, standards, and practices for trailblazing the web.

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Articles & discourse

  • How to Make the Web Better

    Be a good steward for the obvious, the little things, and the personal quirks. Don't be Denethor.

  • Acumen 1.4.1

    Updated for Magento compatibility.

  • Magento 1: JS Scopes in Checkout

    Inline JS within one-page checkout isn't executed in the global scope and that can break things.

  • Acumen 1.4.0

    Updated for Magento compatibility.

  • Acumen 1.3.9

    Updated for Magento compatibility.

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